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Our Services

We deliver a broad range of Strategic Marketing Planning and Day-to-Day Marketing Management Services that guarantee measurable results and a positive impact on your business.

We are Consulting Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs).  We enable organisations to maintain continuity and marketing excellence during times of Poor Performance.  Our focus is to repeatedly create results yielding and sales translating Marketing Strategies, Marketing Plans, Marketing Programs and Marketing Tactics!

As your Consulting CMOs we deliver High Performance Marketing by dealing effectively with your: 

  1. Marketing Challenges.
  2. We Solve Your Marketing Problems.
  3. We Are Your Strategic Marketing Partners.
  4. We Are Independent Marketing Directors.
  5. We Are Your Standby, Outsourced and Consulting Chief Marketing Officers entrusted with your everyday tactical Marketing Management of the following marketing services:


Bandzishe Day-to-Day Marketing Management

We want to help you with just about any of the following areas of your marketing and sales – which are our areas of expertise:

  • Marketing Strategies that spread across all media platforms.
  • Branding and positioning.
  • Business development.
  • Business model generation and analysis.
  • Competitor research.
  • Email marketing.
  • Inbound marketing.
  • Lead generation.
  • LinkedIn marketing.
  • Facebook and Twitter marketing.
  • Copy-writing and marketing collateral creation.
  • Marketing funnel analysis.
  • Messaging.
  • New market opportunity entry analysis and research.
  • Key Accounts Marketing.
  • CRM Strategies and Campaigns.
  • One-to-One Relationship Marketing.
  • Marketing Collateral / Material / Brochures.
  • Direct Marketing.
  • Sales Strategies and Plans, Sales Promotions, Personal Selling, Sales systems, Sales team development, motivation and management.
  • Events, Promotions and Exhibitions.
  • Intranet Interactive.
  • Online marketing strategy.
  • Online research.
  • Pey-per-cick (PPC) / Google AdWords / Google Display Network.
  • Marketing Recruitment strategy and testing.
  • Referral marketing.
  • Sales collateral creation.
  • Sales management.
  • Sales systems and sales systems management.
  • Sales team management.
  • SEO and search marketing.
  • Strategic content creation.
  • Strategic partner development.
  • Value proposition development.
  • Web strategy.
  • Website Interactive, management and strategies.
  • Internet Marketing with management and strategy for online channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google Analytics, etc.
  • Public Relations.
  • Publicity and Media Management.
  • Advertising.
  • Brand Building and Brand Management.
  • Internal and External Corporate Communications.
  • Company Newsletter Productions.


Bandzishe Marketing Consultancy

  • Let us engage with an assigned In-Company Person, Marketing Manager, Marketing Executive, Marketing Director, Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Vice President or Marketing Project Team to develop a market-winning strategy for your business.

Bandzishe Strategy Reviews

  • Allow us to conduct Constructive Strategic Reviews of your company's marketing strategy, and its internal and external resources charged with executing it.

Bandzishe Marketing Workshops

  • Permit us to conduct hands-on, in-company marketing workshops in all the core areas of your business where internal marketing is necessary.  Your employees will improve by applying the learning to their own business units.


Bandzishe Strategic Marketing

We perform Strategic Marketing Planning and Strategic Analyses in the following manner:

  • Micro and Macro environmental analysis.
  • Industry and Market structure analysis.
  • Customer Management analysis.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • We research and analyse market conditions and market trends.
  • We research the market before and after product launches.
  • We research consumer demand, surveys and discover what products customers would like to see on the market.
  • We seek and gain insights on features and popularity of current products.
  • We assist with the actual marketing plan of the products being sold.
  • We provide information about the key audience for the products and help to develop concepts that will appeal to market.
  • We report on current industry and competitor marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • We do forecasting of marketing trends, marketing focus and redefining processes.

Our Strategic Marketing Planning results in the formation of the following:

  • Corporate strategies.
  • Corporate vision and mission.
  • Marketing strategies.
  • Marketing plans.
  • Marketing tactics.
  • Marketing programs.
  • Advertising strategies.
  • Advertising plans.
  • Advertising tactics.
  • Advertising programs.
  • Internal and External Communication strategies and plans.
  • Public Relations Strategies and Media Strategies.
  • Stakeholder Relations Strategies
  • Sales strategies and plans.
  • Key Account Marketing Strategies.
  • CRM strategies and plans.


Bandzishe Market Entry and Distribution Partnership Strategies for venturing into South African and African Continent Markets

We would be honoured to work with your company as your Market Entry, Marketing and Distribution Partners for South African markets and African continents markets.  We would like to market and represent your company's interests in these markets.  We help overseas clients who want to venture into South African markets and African continent markets with Market Entry Strategies involving the following:

  • We formulate Market Entry Strategies by performing all activities associated with bringing a product or service to a new targeted market.
  • During the planning stage of formulating our market entry strategies, we consider the barriers to entry, the costs of marketing, advertising, sales and delivery, and the expected outcome of entering the market.
  • Our market entry strategies involve the carefully planned and well-considered methods of delivering goods and services to a new target market and distributing them there.


Bandzishe Strategic Planning

Allow us to perform effective strategic planning that is essential for both moving collaborative programs forward, and for obtaining funding for your business ventures.  We have created several framesworks and performance tracking dashboard (control panel) documents in order to support your business and its growth.  Our strategic planning dashboard documents and frameworks are backed by our capabilities to implement for success.  The following are some of our work approaches:

  • A Strategic Plan Template that provides a process for mapping a clear path from present conditions to a vision for the future. 
  • A Strategic Planning Process Map that divides the process of creating the strategic plan into simple steps or phases that are each characterised by certain activities, tasks, and accomplishments.
  • A Business Plan Template that provides a detailed description of how objectives will be achieved, along with the necessary justification for doing them.  Our business plans include the creation of, inter alia, the following:  
  1. A Balance Sheet.
  2. Cash Flow Projections.
  3. Marketing Strategies.
  4. Marketing Action Plans and Marketing Programs.
  5. Sales Strategies, Sales Plans and Sales Projections.
  6. When required we implement your entire business plan for you.  


Bandzishe Short-term Objectives Inside Your Business

  • Let us review and advise you on how to best market and manage your products, services, delivery system, and customer enchantment, operations marketing support, value chain, sales and revenues. 

Bandzishe Short-term Objectives Outside Your Business

  • Are you making your customers happy? 
  • Do you know what your competitors are doing?
  • Is your advertising winning you many new customers?
  • What about your distribution channels and pricing?
  • Let us help you if you need assistance in these areas. 

Bandzishe Long-term Objectives Inside and Outside Your Business

  • Let us position and grow your brand by making compelling customer propositions through innovation and creativity.

Bandzishe Business Proposals:  Planning, Preparing, Writing and Revision of Business Proposals

  • We create compelling and analytical business proposals that are directed at solving problems.  In our business proposals we include basic information and detailed analysis.  Most of the business proposals that we do seek to address existing problems, because of this we use research and investigations to identify possible resolutions and then document our proposed recommendations and solutions on the proposal document.

Bandzishe Political Marketing Services

Political marketing shares much in common with marketing in the business world. In business marketing, sellers dispatch goods, services, and communications (e.g. advertising) to the market and in return, money (consumer purchases), information (consumer research), and customer loyalty are received.

In political marketing and political campaigns, political organisations and candidates dispatch promises, favours, policy preferences, and personalities to a set of voters in exchange for their votes, voluntary efforts, or contributions.

Our Political Marketing Services are designed to influence consumers about political parties, political issues, policies, candidates, etc.

Bandzishe Daily Political Marketing & Political Campaign Marketing

We combine visionary political marketing strategies with cutting-edge technology to produce real-world results in political campaign marketing. We offer traditional political marketing and advertising services that combine developing a Narrative behind your party – the history, the beliefs, the personalities, the policies and all of the traits and characteristics that make your party worth voting for. 

We do not forget just how powerful Negative Campaigning is.  Winning elections requires your political party to get more votes than your closest competitors.  There are two ways to achieve this: bring attention to the good things your party has done in the past and new things it will do in the future, and bring attention to the bad things your competitor has done in the past and new bad things they will do in the future.  Our negative campaigning focuses on convincing voters not to vote for your party’s competitors.

We use relevant political marketing strategies that work and appeal at all levels of society - grass-root level, with the middle class and the upper classes.  We also use political social media marketing, public relations and media, media placement, strategic everyday marketing management, mobile marketing, direct mail marketing and email marketing.

Bandzishe Political Social Media Marketing

We can help develop an effective political social media marketing strategy that will complement all of your other political marketing efforts. Our Social Media Optimization (SMO) expertise creates a political social media strategy that creates loyal followers, unique web content & increased visitors. Our web developers and social media marketing experts help integrate the most popular social media site and forums into your website such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. We also offer tools to help you manage all these forums in one efficient place.

Stop embarking on political marketing campaigns only during elections

Political parties' marketing and advertising campaigns are seldom visible when it is not election season.  During the years when elections are not held what do the political party's marketing team do?  Where is the political party's Chief Political Marketing Officer during this time?  Big businesses and corporate empires advertise every week, every month, every season and throughout the years.  Not only once in every four or five years, depending on the country's political term.  A message heard repeatedly, every week, every month and throughout the years becomes embedded in society.

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Our CEO & Founder's Pledge of Personal Commitment:

“I will personally see to it that your products and services are significantly purchased and widely used.  I will not rest until your products and services achieve constant, significant and wide usage." 

Bandile Ndzishe, CEO & Founder of Bandzishe Group