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B-BBEE Business Incubator And Enterprise Development Partner Wanted


Enterprise development is an inexpensive way for big companies to implement Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) by offering operational assistance to small, black-owned enterprises. It is also a core component of the South African Government’s B-BBEE strategy and globally recognised as an effective way of reducing poverty. 

We are searching for a Big Corporate Empire with an interest in integrating enterprise development into its transformation strategy to partner with us.  We are looking for a company which is passionate about developing black-owned and black-run businesses as an aspect of its transformation agenda.

We seek a business support process that will accelerate the successful development of our Commercially Viable Business by providing us with an array of the following targeted Enterprise Development resources and initiatives:

  • Leadership and support with administrative, financial and infrastructural backing.
  • Grant, loan, investment, seed capital or access to capital through provision of collateral or relaxed security requirements.
  • Business accelerator programme to help improve and increase our odds of entrepreneurial success.
  • Contacts, connections and networks which will be beneficial to our business.
  • Relationships:  People do business with people they like. We want to create and build lasting symbiotic relationships with key individuals such as Influential Board Chairmen, Powerful CEOs, Boards of Directors, Captains of Industry, Strategic Business Partners, Strategic Advisers, Advisory Boards and Potential Investors.

Benefits to the Enterprise Development Contributor

  • B-BBEE Score Card: Contributions towards Enterprise Development are recognised for points towards your B-BBEE Score Card. 100% of the contribution value is recognised for Enterprise Development points.  
  • Accountability for sustainable SME development, job creation and poverty alleviation: Through enterprise development companies can demonstrate a conscious responsibility towards fellow citizens helping to create a sustainable business for fellow South Africans by giving them the necessary tools, knowledge and finance to do so. Through this, one can reduce the dependence on Government and businesses for grants and subsidies. When Enterprise Development Funds are applied responsibly the impact will be felt on a national level and the economy will experience growth through an increase in the number of self-sustained individuals.
  • Return on Investment Companies can earn a return on investment through the strategic application of Enterprise Development Funds (EDF) which would result in growth in turnover and profits. This allows the contributor to not only recover the funds spent, but exceed the minimum contribution value in many cases.

B-BBEE Points

In order for empowering companies to achieve B-BBEE points investments in B-BBEE enterprises must result in real economic benefit flowing to the recipients, enabling them to run on a sustainable basis and have active participation by black people. To score enterprise development points, businesses need to help firms that are 50% or more black owned, or, in the case of those with an annual turnover of less than R35 million, that are 25% or more black-owned. Earning points on the scorecards requires each company to measure their contributions as a percentage of their net profits per annum.

If interested please contact Bandile Ndzishe at for further engagement.