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About Us

Bandzishe Group Vision

To be the Leadership Brand that provides Bespoke, Integrated and Strategic Marketing Consulting Solutions Globally.

Bandzishe Group Strategy

Bandzishe Group succeeds by creating a unique customer value for each client through representing each client's 'total attack' on the market vigorously.  Thus, presenting every client with market wins, repeat business, new customers, increasing sales and an upsurge in leads, through focused Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning, Penetration, Differentiation and Retention. 

About Bandzishe Group 

Bandzishe Group are Strategic Marketers with experience and expertise in running successful marketing functions and marketing departments.  We listen to the CEO's expectations and guide the organization through a disciplined process that focuses on identifying the best market opportunities, generating the best ideas and developing actionable go-to-market strategies and plans to bring those generated ideas to fruition.

We are in perpetual hot pursuit of revenue growth, sales, profits, new customers and more leads.  We maximise digital channels.  We drive value producing innovation.  We identify untapped revenue potential and communicate ways to garner more business from current customers. 

We help CEOs, Chief Marketing Officers, Marketing Directors and Marketing Departments to solve business problems and marketing problems.  We immerse ourselves in your business in order to understand the expectations, needs and challenges of other functional and business leaders.

We seek to better understand the portfolio of product and service offerings, and the sales process, in order to influence buying.  We then provide a range of strategic options, and together with you - the client, we choose what works best in achieving the desired results.  We achieve optimum results from marketing efforts.

"We take into account your customer expectations and the anticipated moves of competitors in your market place.  Our purpose for this is to craft a marketing strategy that concentrates resources on the highest profit-generating opportunities that translate into sales.  Our strategic actions are always directed towards the increase in leads, sales, new customers, growth in customer equity and achieving sustainable competitive advantage in the market".

Bandile Ndzishe, CEO & Founder of Bandzishe Group

Bandzishe Group provides the answers to the following marketing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) questions:

  • Which marketing initiatives are effective?
  • How will marketing activities support company objectives?
  • How can our marketing efforts improve the customer experience?
  • Which campaigns are driving higher revenue?
  • Can we stretch the budget to support more initiatives?
  • What channels should we prioritise?
  • How efficient are your marketing processes?
  • What are the most profitable customers?
  • What is your customer profile?
  • What are the drivers of your target markets?
  • What is your social media marketing strategy?
  • Are you achieving marketing targets and objectives?
  • How much are you spending on each initiative?

Bandzishe Group deals decisively and effectively with the Marketing Disruption Challenges

We understand that Marketing Disruption presents massive changes affecting businesses today.  The time is now for building new marketing capabilities.  We cannot prevent marketing disruption.  Instead, we can make better decisions about what to do with disruption.  Let us come on-board and help you deal effectively with marketing disruptions.  Together, let's lead the disruption from the front by tackling the following marketing disruption questions and challenges more effectively:  

  • When you decided you had to increase traffic to your website, how did you go about it?  How did you measure its effectiveness?  Did you use any analytics packages to evaluate?  Which ones? 

  • Which digital strategies do you feel most comfortable with?
Have you developed a mobile campaign?  If so, how did you go about it?
Have you developed a campaign on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Facebook?  What steps did you take?
  • Where does LinkedIn fit in with a B2B strategy?
  • What agencies or companies do you feel handle digital well?  Why? 

  • What companies have you used for SEO? 

  • How quickly do you bounce back from failure?  Talk about a time when your marketing campaign failed.
  • Is the need for content and new customer experiences top disruption?
  • Do you have a content strategy or underlying production and distribution processes?
  • Your ability to make data-informed decisions?  Is it the most important capability to respond to disruptions?
  • Are you taking action to address disruptions and achieve measurable impact?
  • Are you clear about how your company's marketing can get ahead of the disruptions?
  • What is your understanding of ROI?  Is it important in marketing?

This is not our final laundry list of marketing disruption questions and challenges.  Contact Us Now to engage further with more super questions to super marketing challenges and for lasting super marketing solutions.

Hire Us Now to Do What You Can't!

LET US analyse your business plans, your internal factors and your different external market environments in order to uncover what marketing efforts are needed to generate new leads, more sales, repeat business and new customers.